Cultivating passionate and capable educators who can adapt flexibly in the global era to teach English at elementary, middle, and high schools.

In this major, we nurture educators who can thrive in the educational settings of elementary, middle, and high schools, considering the era's demand for innovative English education aligned with globalization. We aim to develop educators with strong English proficiency, excellent communication skills, adaptable teaching abilities, broad knowledge, and a global perspective. In the English education specialty, students will learn about the latest foreign language education research and participate in teaching practices through simulated lessons. In English linguistics, various topics such as the structure of the English language, grammar, and pronunciation will be explored, allowing students to appreciate the intricacies of language. English literature studies will foster the ability to comprehend beautiful poetic sounds, engage with exciting novel stories, and refine sensitivity to language, enabling students to savor expression. As the culmination of their academic efforts, students will complete their graduation theses in English. Leveraging the knowledge gained in this major, we aim to cultivate English educators who can convey the fascination and depth of English as a living language to children and students.

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